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lirik lagu Wet Brain Wax

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Wet Brain Wax lirik lagu:
[Verse 1]
I’d love to see my Paypal flourish
But I can’t think of schemes when my brain’s malnourished
Floating ’round my cranium like a pickled egg
Hitting the sides, drastic
Shifting of tides
I can’t think of it son
It’s like the answer’s always on the tip of my tongue
It’s like all that I learned I definitely never knew
What I have is affectionately referred to as
Wet brain, yeah
I got that wet brain
Wet brain
I got that wet brain
That soaking wet brain
That wet brain
I got that
[Verse 2]
The morning brings a sense of possibility
If you can see the mirror and avoid any hostility
I don’t keep no Windex near
And my eyes are like a truck windshield when the insects smear
The wearing of flip-flops in normal situations will help your self-esteem by lowering your expectations
I might as well rock a hospital robe
The optic nerve is connected to the occipital lobe
And when it reconnects I’ll get my eyesight back
I’m blind for now but I’m still wise like that, kinda
I’m considering going out
Or just sitting and zoning out
Watching TV with the TV off
You know the channel with the 3D moths
I got just enough money to be completely irresponsible
In a couple months though I’ll have some trouble
Wet brain, yeah
I got that wet brain
Wet brain
I got that wet brain
That soaking wet brain
That wet brain
I got that
[Verse 3]
When it’s over print it over my coffin
Overall he was raw with the overindulgence
Hold your applause it’s not like he was overly awesome
Wasn’t sober too often, always smoking and coughing
Still known to pose a threat like a Doberman walking
You’d notice a pause when over your shoulder you saw him
Lots of people paid to see shows of him talking
Now he’s in his grave, appropriately exhausted
He was supposed to be a boss
The next big thing
The new catchphrase
The next bling bling
But that cash register had never went ching ching
Enough about him, I heard my text thing ring
There’s matters to tend to more important than this carcass
Like which can canned tuna’s better, Bumblebee or Starkist?
Life is cold we need parkas for the heartless
The world keeps spinning regardless
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